The flow cytometry training we developed at IBIOA is in consultation with world renowned experts in flow cytometry trainings including Dr. VivekTanavde, H. Krishnamoorthy who are part of International society for flow cytometry as well as Indian flow cytometry society. Our basic flow cytometry training module is focused on the essential skill set required for using any flow cytometer and the advanced clinical flow cytometry training is focused on the specific immunophenotyping of blood cells in lymphoma and leukemia patients for making clinical diagnosis.  Flow cytometry training helps in building someone’s career where a well-trained flow cytometer operator can become a flow cytometer facility manager in any academic or diagnostic laboratories or an outstanding cell biologist or clinical pathologist.

IBIOA will provide flow cytometry training at three levels

  • Basic course on Flow Cytometry (Flow Analysis and Flow Sorting)
  • Specialized courses on Flow Cytometry e.g. for pathologists & clinicians