Next Generation Sequencing

We aim to focus on NGS Data analysis services to both academia and industry researchers through Basic and Advanced NGS data Analyses Pipeline, In-depth analysis and interpretation of NGS data in relevance to biological context.
IBioA offers advanced custom analysis as per customer requirement. Provide sequence data from NGS platforms like Illumina, Ion Torrent, Ion Proton and Roche 454 and get high quality results.

Flow Cytometry

Flow cytometry allows simultaneous measurement of certain characteristics of individual cells based on light signals generated when fluorescently labeled cells are made to flow past one or more laser beams. In flow cytometry, we will provide both analyzer and sorting capabilities to academic researchers, non-academic researchers, diagnostics organization


NGS Training

Course learning objective:
The purpose of this course is to enable participants to analyze and interpret data generated by various NGS platforms. With the advancement of sequencing technologies, sequencing of various organisms has become common and one of the biggest challenges is to analyze the data based on scientific questions. This workshop will impart skill sets to the trainees to harness the wealth of genomic data arising from NGS in order to answer biological questions.

Flow Cytometry Training

The flow cytometry training we developed at IBIOA is in consultation with world renowned experts in flow cytometry trainings including Dr. VivekTanavde, H. Krishnamoorthy who are part of International society for flow cytometry as well as Indian flow cytometry society. Our basic flow cytometry training module is focused on the essential skill set required for using any flow cytometer and the advanced clinical flow cytometry training is focused on the specific immunophenotyping of blood cells in lymphoma and leukemia patients for making clinical diagnosis.


iBioAnalysis Pvt. Ltd. in collaboration with C-CAMP (DBT)

is an initiative to promote biosciences research by providing training and services to researchers and by making available state of the art technology platforms. IBIOA is an initiative to promote high-end biosciences research by providing training andservices to researchers. We aim to provide services and hands-on training on cutting edge technology platforms to both academia and industry in collaboration withother institutions. Our current technology focuses are Next generation sequencing (NGS) and flow cytometry.